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An engineer from the National School of Mines of Saint-Etienne specialized in Microelectronics and Computer Science.

The Forum is specific to the ISMIN program, which is located at the specialized campus in Gardanne. It is dedicated to computer science, microelectronics, and new technologies.

The Georges Charpak campus is a research and educational site specializing in the field of microelectronics and new technologies. It houses the largest cleanroom dedicated to research among the four existing cleanrooms in France. Georges Charpak also offers:
  • 4 laboratories at the forefront of new technologies: flexible substrates, microprocessor security, bioelectronics, and cycle and process optimization.
  • An incubator for startups in the field.
  • A training center for engineers from the School of Mines of Saint-Etienne.
The Georges Charpak site provides a cutting-edge environment for research, innovation, and the development of new technologies in microelectronics. It fosters collaboration, supports startups, and offers specialized training for engineers.

ISMIN offers a specialized and unique training program that focuses on three domains: computer science, microelectronics, and embedded systems. However, what sets ISMIN apart is not only its specialized curriculum but also the abundance of general courses in science and management. As a result, ISMIN graduates are well-rounded professionals equipped to meet the needs of today’s businesses, both technically and interpersonally. They possess a solid technical foundation along with essential skills in communication, teamwork, and management.

Practical Questions

A booth between 12 and 18m2
Desks, chairs, power outlets, internet connection
Standard amenities

The President, Maïssa ELAFANI.
Phone: +33 6 51 79 73 91

IMT (Institut Mines-Télécom) is the largest engineering network in France. Being visible in one of these schools means having the opportunity to be known by engineering students from all over France.

Through the forum, students will hear about your company and gather information about it themselves. This will have an impact on our students and provide better visibility for your company among them.

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